Drama. War. Fireworks.

The Choir Invisible have emerged from their hibernation.... A few months ago, in a borrowed caravan in the remote Burren region on the Atlantic seaboard, guitarist Felix LeMans finished writing The Choir Invisible's new album, About Last Night. The first to be heard is the single version of Waiting Room, a raucous glam stomp of distressed guitars and sleazy organs, as singer Alan Black forces the issue: “It’s the saddest thing you’ll ever see/Waiting in line for your dignity.”

With new members and new sounds, the time has come to bring things to the stage and carefully prepare their debut album. It consists of ten new pieces, each radical in its own way, each with a sense of purpose and subversion and theatre: one a gigantic wall of sound arranged around four minutes of dialogue, another a work of elaborate orchestral surprise. But enough of that for now. The arrival of their new single, Waiting Room, indicates a band entering a whirlwind phase of energy and creativity: the wait is over.